"Fantastically Functional Footwear"

Pedors is an award winning orthopedic shoe company that provides Pedorthic Orthopedic Solutions.

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Pedors - Vienna - Women's - Slip on

Often referred to as the Pedors “Bunion and Corn” shoe, the Vienna has two stretch panels, one on the medial side for a bunion, the other on the lateral side for a corn. The upper material is super-soft Napa leather and the shoe features a removable insert to allow for custom orthotics.

Pedors - Monaco - Women's - Slip on

This fashionable women's loafer offers a deep heel cup and tapered collar to reduce heel slippage. Monaco is only available in Black

Pedors - Classic - Women's - Strap

The Pedors Classic Black 600 shoe is the original Pedors orthopedic shoe.

Pedors - Mary Jane - Women's - Stretch

Designed for people with Diabetes and Arthritis, but with the more feminine look. The closure is an Adjustable strap that maintains the ability of the shoe to stretch throughout the day to accommodate swelling that may take place. Beneficial to people with corns, bunions, hammertoes, poor circulation or fluid gathering in the feet. Features an adjustable closure for easy fitting and a removable insole for diabetic inserts like Pedors 3P inserts or orthotics like Pedors Beats for people dealing with plantar fasciitis, heel pain or metatarsalgia