PRODUCT SUPPORT - Heat Moldable Insert Instructions

Select a prefabricated insert that is appropriate for the shape and size of the patient’s foot. The patient may be seated or standing during the direct molding process.

1) Heat the insert using one of the following methods:
a. Using a heat gun (minimum of 230 degrees F): Heat the prefabricated inlay on the top and bottom of the device using a heat gun until it is soft and malleable.
b. Using an oven: Place the entire device in a 250-degree oven until it becomes soft and malleable.
Both heating methods normally take two to three minutes. Caution: Do not heat the inserts to a point where they can be dangerous to the patient.

2) Positioning the patient’s foot for the molding process:
Cover the patient’s foot with a sock or other protective material. Place the heated device on a foam block that is a minimum of two inches thick. Position the patient’s foot on top of the heated device.

3) Molding the prefabricated insert:
Mold the insert up to the patient’s arch while the device is warm.
If the insert is not high enough, push it with your hand to achieve total contact. Remove the patient’s foot from the insert after the device has cooled (approximately two to three minutes).

4) Checking for total contact after molding:
Remove the insert from the foam block and place it on the floor. Position the patient’s foot on top of the molded insert. Check to see if the arch on the insert is high enough to achieve total contact with the patient’s foot.

5) Modification of the device to achieve total contact:
If necessary, add material to the bottom of the insert to achieve total contact.

6) Trim the insert to fit the patient's shoes